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Unusual – But Real – Ways a House Fire Can Start

Fire hazards are all over your home, so just keep in mind what you are doing and make some small adjustments to avoid a fire. 
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Get Your Home Ready for Fall

While Atlanta winters may be milder than those experienced “up north,” it is still important to do some routine maintenance around your home to prepare for the cooler temperatures. Some of these tasks will also help prevent water damage, fires, and mold growth as well. From top to bottom, here’s what we recommend.  Trim Tree […]
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High Water Bill? How to Avoid a Water Disaster

Have you recently received a higher-than-expected water bill? Or has your water bill been inching up for no discernable reason? It could be your family members are taking more showers in this especially hot summer, or that your kids are home for the summer and using more water than normal. But if you can’t find […]
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Close-up Of A Shocked Woman Looking At Mold On Wall

Summer is Mold Growth Season in Georgia

We are having a fairly rainy and hot summer so far in the greater Atlanta area. While it can put a damper on your outdoor plans and lead to higher-than-normal air conditioning bills, it is also ripe for mold to grow in your home.  Why Is Mold Bad? Mold is around us all the time […]
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What Property Managers Can Do to Minimize the Impact of a Disaster

Managing properties, whether it is a community of homes, condo complex, or office buildings, is challenging. Your days are filled with marketing vacant properties, screening tenants, responding to maintenance requests, and collecting rent. Add to that the need to stay on top of changing landlord-tenant regulations and doing what you can to control maintenance costs, […]
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March Showers Bring April Flowers (and Mold Growth)

Spring is definitely in the air. Along with the warming temps, pollen is now coating everything in sight. What you may not see as clearly are mold spores floating in the same air.  All homes have a small amount of mold which is unavoidable and not dangerous to humans or pets. But if conditions cause […]
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