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Protecting Your Georgia Home During an El Niño Winter

El Niño, a climate phenomenon resulting from warm oceanic waters in the central and eastern Pacific, influences weather patterns globally. In the greater Atlanta area, El Niño winters can bring distinct weather changes. Georgia homeowners and property managers should take preemptive actions to protect their properties from potential damage caused by fire, mold, and water.  […]
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Understanding Water Damage vs. Flood Damage: Coverage, Prevention & Response

Georgia’s diverse landscape, including the bustling Greater Atlanta area, is no stranger to the challenges posed by water and flooding. Whether it is a sudden downpour or a pipe bursting, understanding the disparities between water and flood damage is vital for Georgia homeowners and those that manage properties. Unpacking the Differences Between Water & Flood Damage […]
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Take These Steps to Avoid Water Damage in Your Home or Office 

Georgia is no stranger to heavy rainfall and flash floods this time of year, which can all contribute to home or office water damage. However, there are several things that you can do to prevent flooding and minimize water damage too.  Poor Drainage When rainwater cannot drain properly, it can accumulate around your home’s foundation […]
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High Water Bill? How to Avoid a Water Disaster

Have you recently received a higher-than-expected water bill? Or has your water bill been inching up for no discernable reason? It could be your family members are taking more showers in this especially hot summer, or that your kids are home for the summer and using more water than normal. But if you can’t find […]
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How to Protect the Pipes in Your Georgia Home from Freezing

While this may not be an everyday issue in Georgia, our winter temperatures are known to drop low enough to cause pipes to crack or burst. In fact, even a tiny crack in a pipe can leak hundreds of gallons of water causing flooding and structural damage and leading to toxic mold growth as well.  […]
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