What Property Managers Can Do to Minimize the Impact of a Disaster

Managing properties, whether it is a community of homes, condo complex, or office buildings, is challenging. Your days are filled with marketing vacant properties, screening tenants, responding to maintenance requests, and collecting rent. Add to that the need to stay on top of changing landlord-tenant regulations and doing what you can to control maintenance costs, and your hands are full. 

The last thing you want to deal with is a natural or man-made disaster to a property you manage. While we have no control over the weather, there are things you can do to avoid man-made issues and prepare for natural ones too.

Inspect your properties.

Regardless of how new a property is, it pays to routinely inspect both the inside and outside of your buildings to make sure nothing is amiss. Are there tree limbs that could cause roof damage in a storm that need to be trimmed? Are cracks forming in the foundation that may let in water during a heavy rain? Do fireplaces and chimneys need cleaning to prevent a house fire? A small amount of time spent looking for potential issues pays off greatly when you can fix something early and avoid huge problems down the road.

Educate your tenants.

Communicating with both property owners and tenants is a big part of your job, and knowledge is key to minimizing the potential damage of a natural disaster. Informing those that are living or working in your properties about simple safety measures can go a long way toward avoiding expensive issues too. Make sure your tenants know to avoid fire hazards, how to protect pipes in the winter, how to prevent and recognize mold issues, and any number of small things that can be done to create a better living environment and protect the property too. 

Create an emergency plan.

Tenants will call you for routine maintenance issues, but do they know what to do if a tornado is heading towards your property? Do they know the importance of responding immediately if a pipe bursts? Make sure they know how to turn off water to the property and how to shut off electricity too. Inform them what to do if a storm is imminent, and the steps to take if damage occurs. Having a plan ­– and educating your tenants on it – can save thousands of dollars in repair costs.   

Establish a Relationship with a Reputable Disaster Recovery Company

You never know when a disaster is going to hit. Instead of scrambling to find a disaster recovery company to fix the damage when it occurs, establish a relationship with a reputable company in advance. At Apex Disaster Management, we partner with property managers to address fire, water, and mold issues quickly and completely. Our goal is the same as yours: to repair the damage and get your tenants back into their property as quickly as possible so life can return to normal. 

We would love to talk to you about being your go-to resource because disaster demands a company you can trust.   

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