Winter is Coming…It’s Time to Get Ready for It

Prepare Atlanta Home for Winter

While we may not have the extreme temps that the folks up north experience, there are still quite a few things you need to do to your Atlanta-area home this time of year to get ready for the cooler temperatures. Not only is it a way to do all you can to prevent weather-related issues that can arise, but it can also save on your utility bills and help you protect what is most likely your largest personal investment too. 

Seal it up tight

Do you ever feel like your house is colder than it should be? Do you feel an occasional draft? You would be surprised at the impact even a small gap in a door or window can have on your home’s temperature. Check all your windows and doors to make sure they close tight to prevent any outside cold air from venturing inside. If you find any gaps, seal them with new weather stripping or re-caulk areas where the old caulk has broken down. 

Protect your pipes

Trust us, you do not want to deal with frozen or busted pipes this winter (or any other time for that matter). If you pipes bust, you not only have to deal with replacing them, but often with a huge mess left by water leaking into your home. (Of course, if that does happen, we will take care of you and your home with the best service possible.) 

Start outside by disconnecting and draining any hoses, turning off all outside spigots and sealing any small cracks around the hose bib. While there, make sure you know where your exterior water shut-off valve is too. If you have a crawl space or unfinished basement, consider wrapping your pipes in foam insulation or having blankets on hand to wrap around them when the temperatures dip below freezing. And of course, when it does go below freezing, let at least a few of your faucets drip until the temperature rises above freezing. 

Take care of your furnace

It is always a good idea to have your furnace inspected this time of year to make sure it is in its best operating shape for the winter. This way, if there is a small issue with it, the technician can easily fix it before it becomes a much more expensive, and potentially dangerous, situation. Also, make sure you are changing your HVAC filters regularly and do a quick check of them as you start to run your furnace too. 

Clean your gutters and roof

Once most of the leaves have fallen, you should remove them from your roof and gutters. If you don’t, it can hinder the flow of water when it rains and even freeze when it gets really cold. If not removed, all these leaves and other debris can potentially shorten the life of – or damage – your roof, and no one wants that!

Like many things in life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so it is well worth it to take the time to do what you can to avoid any unexpected surprises this winter. And if there is anything we can do to help you out, don’t hesitate to reach out.   

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