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Planning for Natural Disasters in Georgia: A Comprehensive Guide for Property Managers

Get ready to hunker down! In case you haven’t heard, the 2024 hurricane season forecast includes the highest number of hurricanes ever predicted. And while we typically don’t have direct impacts, these storms can definitely wreak havoc for Georgia properties.  And that’s not the only weather to consider. In Georgia, property managers of multi-family homes […]
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Property Manager To-Do List to Maintain Tenant Happiness and Property Values

As commercial property managers gear up for spring and the impending hot summer months in Georgia, it’s crucial to prioritize property maintenance to ensure tenant safety and property integrity. Conducting thorough inspections and scheduling essential repairs can prevent minor issues from escalating into costly damages. Examine the building’s exterior thoroughly. Winter storms and freezing temperatures […]
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Atlanta Georgia Home in Spring

Understanding El Niño to La Niña Transition & What It Means for Georgia Homeowners

The transition from El Niño to La Niña has significant implications for weather patterns across the globe, including Georgia. Understanding these changes can help you prepare for the upcoming spring and summer seasons and ensure your home is prepared for what is coming. El Niño and La Niña are opposite phases of the El Niño-Southern […]
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Protecting Your Georgia Home During an El Niño Winter

El Niño, a climate phenomenon resulting from warm oceanic waters in the central and eastern Pacific, influences weather patterns globally. In the greater Atlanta area, El Niño winters can bring distinct weather changes. Georgia homeowners and property managers should take preemptive actions to protect their properties from potential damage caused by fire, mold, and water.  […]
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Protecting Properties: Homeowner and Condo Associations’ Responsibilities in Fire, Mold, and Water Damage Prevention

Homeowner and condo associations play a vital role in maintaining and protecting properties within their communities. One of the primary concerns for both associations and homeowners is the prevention of fire, mold, and water damage. In order to ensure the safety and well-being of residents, it is essential to understand the division of responsibilities between […]
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Spring Maintenance Tasks to Work into Your Busy Schedule

Spring is the perfect time to get your home ready for the warmer weather ahead. With spring comes the potential for heavy rains, thunderstorms, and humidity, which can all lead to water damage, fire damage, and mold growth if your home isn’t properly maintained. To avoid these potential problems, here are some spring home maintenance […]
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Your Home Inspector Found Mold…Now What?

While the housing market has cooled down a bit, many people are still buying and selling homes. An important part of that process for both parties is the home inspection, which can uncover mold issues that you didn’t realize exist.  Why should you care?  Breathing mold can cause respiratory issues, especially for those with compromised […]
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Close-up Of A Shocked Woman Looking At Mold On Wall

Summer is Mold Growth Season in Georgia

We are having a fairly rainy and hot summer so far in the greater Atlanta area. While it can put a damper on your outdoor plans and lead to higher-than-normal air conditioning bills, it is also ripe for mold to grow in your home.  Why Is Mold Bad? Mold is around us all the time […]
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woman sneezing due to mold

March Showers Bring April Flowers (and Mold Growth)

Spring is definitely in the air. Along with the warming temps, pollen is now coating everything in sight. What you may not see as clearly are mold spores floating in the same air.  All homes have a small amount of mold which is unavoidable and not dangerous to humans or pets. But if conditions cause […]
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